jQuery versus Angular: Tweet

I’ve been asked what is the role of AngularJS and how does it fit with jQuery. Instead of a long explanation I thought some code samples can help in understanding some of the the differences.

Below are two code samples, one in jQuery and one in Angular. The code displays how close you are to the 140 character limit in Tweeter. This is what it looks like:

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How to make an email web app using Angular

We are going to create an email application using Angular JS. First we’re going to build the front end and wait to add the server portion till the end.

We’re going to learn angular by diving right in and explaining concepts as we go as we need to. Until we need the server portion, we are going to mock that data in right in the code. I think this is not only a good way to learn, it’s a good way to go about building an application.

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Minimum Code First Setup

This is the absolute minimum you need to get started with Code-First.

Before I start I assume you have Visual Studio, are familiar with NuGet and have access to some version of SQL Server.

First use NuGet to install EntityFramework. Now you need 2 classes to get started. One to represent the database and the other to represent your table:

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